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WCM is “the” magazine for those who buy, drink, and enjoy wine and food on a regular basis. Our readers range from enthusiastic beginners who want to learn about the world of wine and the styles of wine that they enjoy and experienced veterans who look for insider tips and expert wine buying advice. We publish four issues a year, each with a special seasonal focus and a unique viewpoint. Each issue contains wine reviews written by our readers, and features articles on the wine and restaurants in the area that our readers enjoy.

Spirits of the Holiday Season

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The holidays have snuck up on us once again and because our schedules are like a snowball rolling swiftly downhill gaining size and speed in every passing minute, who has time to decide what wines to buy for the upcoming festivities? Continue

The Ancient Wine of Pompeii

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Everybody knows Italy has a long winemaking history dating back to Roman times, but few are aware of the fact that the same wine the citizens of ancient Rome used to drink is still being produced today.Pompeii (in the Campania region in the south of Italy) is 2000 years old. The city was covered with lava after the volcano, Vesuvio, erupted in 79 B.C.  


Wine Collecting for Beginners

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Red wines, white wines, sweet wines, dry wines, screw caps….the whirlwind of wine information is daunting! I put off starting my own wine collection for years because the thought of it was so intimidating. It is true that you will learn from your mistakes as you grow your wine collection.  


Asian Food and Asian Wines

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Asian Food and Asian Wines Pairing food and wine in Asia is all the rage and in all honesty is a good way of introducing wines to potential wine lovers in a way that seems the norm to people in the West. However in many cases – especially here in Hong Kong. Continue

Exotic Getaway Fiji

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Whether you are on your honeymoon, celebrating a 50th anniversary or just looking for a resort that is romantic.This is the place to travel,relax and enjoy. The Taveuni Palms in Fiji is an intimate retreat offering two private guest houses, a secluded sandy beach, and even a freshwater swimming pool.


Wine Tastings -Mystery Revealed

Wine Tastings -Mystery Revealed Post image

Have you have ever wondered why people at wine tastings go through a form of ritual of tilting their glass, swirling the wine around the bowl, sniffing the wine anapparently gargling with the wine before eventually spitting it out? If you have, then this whole process is not really such a mystery and quite simply represents the five steps that are necessary to assess quality of a wine.


Why You Should Have a Wine Cellar

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In the movies we are used to seeing a wine cellar in some dark damp under ground bunker. However to have and own a wine cellar doesn't have to be exactly that way anymore. Now we have options with our wine cellars and wine storage


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